ALGUN - Architect of Modern Life

Duzce will be a city,
Towards modern Duzce...

Nisa Yapı, which took over half a century in the construction sector by making big investments in Düzce, has produced permanent projects that add value to Düzce and make it a modern city with this mission since the day it was founded.

With its experienced technical and administrative staff, it has grown itself day by day by signing qualified A quality projects. Nişa Yapı, which started its activities in 1995 with the brand of ALGUN İNŞAAT; As a global player after 25 years, it is on its way to become the first A QUALITY BUILDING BRAND to emerge from Düzce. In 2020, it rightfully received its brand name as ALGUN CONSTRUCTION. With the two big projects Premium and Royal, which he presented with this name, he immediately proved himself in engineering, project design, consultancy, contracting, real estate development and project management.

The company, which is one of the most preferred players in the sector in its region; From the field teams to the marketing team, from the architects to the engineers, it is one of the common values ​​that everyone focuses on quality with a perspective that values ​​people and does their job with love. It is determined to transfer its respectable position in the sector to the future with its corporate structure that prioritizes principled and ethical values, while ensuring the participation of employees in the management with the company principles it has established with a policy of openness in management.

Its goal and mission is to transform Düzce into a modern city and its vision is to be among the global players both at home and abroad. In this respect, it will confidently make a modern, solid and permanent signature in line with the requirements of the age as an A quality company.


"Architect of Modern Life"

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